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Spanking enema stories

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He continued to work the colon tube deeper and deeper into her. White wine for Roy and Gloria, unsweetened iced tea for Ms.

So he clinically and accurately lubed the tip of the nozzle with some clear and viscous oil that smelled like hospital; with two fingers he parted Nicki's chubby bottom cheeks, revealing the much whiter both untanned and unspanked crack between the two mounds of flesh; and finally placed the nozzle against the little girl's pink puckered bum hole. Andra record dance. Although he punished her often in various ways, even painfully sometimes, it seemed to cause him to love her more intensely each time.

Roy was six one, she was nearly as tall as he, almost painfully slender she had small high pointed breasts, a flat belly and waspishly thin waist, her hips were narrow, nearly boyish, but she did have a high tight bubble butt cleaved by a deep cleft that parted her tight cheeks alluringly, creating a chasm that begged to be enjoyed and then her ultra-long legs, thin thighed and nearly coltish.

He just relaxed and lay on her back, of course it forced the rest into her. Spanking enema stories. The afternoon had passed uneventfully, with two contrite little girls lying on the couch or on their beds, obviously on their stomach, and being mostly silent.

Meals were always light on enema night, ergo grilled fish and a salad. Nicki bit her lip and her hands grasped the quilt as her little pudgy bottom and everything else was once again prominently displayed for more punishment. By the time Cindy's six months in reform school ended, she really was a completely transformed teenager. Is he going to do me again? Amy Cuckold Brian Ch. In the bedroom when the sequence was changed, her Mom going first and then her own spanking, a mild one that was hardly more than a warm-up preceding her enema she wondered what was up but when Mom drew her a bubble bath and Dad bathed her, her senses were on alert.

It's not the first time they've seen you, and it surely won't be the last.

Spanking enema stories

I cramped up pretty badly while the water entered me. The Most Personal of Assistants Ch. Sexy black milf lesbians. Allison at the Gynecologist Newly pregnant Allison visits an alternative health center. When I say that I want you to bear down like you were trying to go potty, ok? In fact, I find a little dirty talk a bit of a turn-on, ok? Your mother will be there, so don't cheat Nicki cleared her throat loudly when she saw her naked little sister. By the time the car pulled out of the drive Alice was ready as she had been instructed.

She felt like a yoyo, up, down, up, down but each time going a little higher, she was going to burst, she knew she was going to explode; sexual delight and sexual frustration battling. Her red and purple bottom began to shake and her legs tremble as her orgasm swelled.

Janie expected she knew what that was for. For those attending community colleges and living at home, some parents even continued spankings well into the college years. I had never been spanked before or even really punished at all. She seemed to know people everywhere.

After it was done he left me to expell it in private. Roy knew she was one of the nurses Janie had invited, she was younger than Janie, Roy would guess around twenty-five but she was spectacular. At ten minutes he stopped. Both nearly jumped out of their panties when Janie wailed.

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The whole purpose of the "last month" program was to overwhelm the girls with a sense of childish helplessness and dependency to counter any thoughts of rebellion they might feel as their release approached.

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I just married the most wonderful guy in the world. See any Shirley Temple movie for an example. Nude girls hot cars. Of course, it was impossible for a diaper girl sitting in her desk to defecate without raising herself up slightly. And clean with it. Mr Burns would like to see you. Tim took his fingers from under her, reached up and massaged her breasts. And she was sure that Steve would keep her that way Anal sex, no; anal sex is what you and I share.

When I got back upstairs he asked me to give him one. Then Cora reached behind the shower curtain and took out a hose. Melody sitting on her lap. Tim saw that she might need some encouragement. Melanie nunes fronckowiak nude. Spanking enema stories. Once Cindy was completely immobile, Nurse Denning pulled her panties down below her cheeks while Nurse Riley opened a nearby cabinet and got out a little jar. Well I think that's the stupidest fucking thing you've ever said!

She smiled with satisfaction as she noted how the latex panties fitted just as snugly as Cindy's panties without any wrinkles. But it was no use She was already moaning and breathing harder, involuntarily moving her hips in anticipation of the sexual pleasure she was about to experience.

First he unfastened her brassiere. It features stories, anecdotes and observations by DJB and others. As they entered the bedroom he turned to face her and pulled her to him, kissing her.

Slowly Edie began to rock back and forth. I am Mr Burns and I believe you are Holly. Startled by this intruder, Cindy demanded to know where Nurse Adams was. Lesbians tribbing in bed. But she knew there was nothing she could do but accept what he had decided to give her. I was in shock, sitting on the seat uncomfortably, with the towel in my knickers. Nurse Riley then approached her from behind and parted her cheeks before sliding the little plugs deep inside her and pulling her panties back up.

I explained our rituals, he gave me an enema and then I had him spank me. Lit Live Webcams Straight Female. She glanced up at the large 4-quart enema bag hung from the wall to see if it was nearing emptiness. I went to the bathroom to try to expell it, to no avail.

He pulled down my pants and pulled me over his lap where first took my temperature and then he spanked me until my bottom felt like it was on fire. I think one of Nurse Riley's special 'wet panty' paddlings will make that clear enough. But not on her main 'spank spot'. Her breasts were a creamy white with puffy nipples so red they reminded him of strawberries.

When he let her out of the tub, he sat on the toilet and motioned Melody over his knees. The Hanky Code Pt. Tim pulled a pillow to her. And while diapers were never needed, Cindy's mother replaced Cindy's nighties with sleepers.

After lunch Melody is escorted up to her room by her earlobe.

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