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Janeway stopped, gripping the side of 7's head, pulling her into a gentle kiss. I am, therefore, preparing to dissect his brain. Sexy blind girl. In the cargo bayJunior removes Seven of Nine 's clothing to stare at her naked body which he describes as "perfection"; utterly nonplussed, Seven dismisses the incident as an attempt to embarrass her and continues her work, which has the desired effect of getting Junior to leave.

Yeah, who "floats your boat"? Torres slowly looks at him, growls, then attacks him and knocks him to the ground. Jane way naked. Those instances revealed many thought-provoking insights into the captains and their lonely dilemmas, which revealed them as complex characters. She stares down her future self, knowing full well she is not fooling either of them, and her lips curve into a tiny smile as an unspoken understanding passes between them.

With nothing but positive praise to their name across review boards and borders, they've been hailed as a 'sex icon', and for good reason. Janeway turned, slightly shocked 7 knew. Something unusual is going on here, and I need everyone right where they are until we can determine what it is. Seven acknowledges the admiral with a brief nod, maintaining eye contact as she walks over to her superior, finally breaking eye contact with one Janeway to report to the other.

He wants to see more interesting things than bipeds pushing buttons or replacing relays and tries to convince Janeway to do something else, such as detonating some omega molecules or flying into fluidic space and fighting Species Get us the hell out of here! Are you in love with me? PG29th April Rainy Afternoon: This star has nowhere to go but up. Man fingering girls pussy. Yes, although that is sometimes one of the shows that combines both my favorite pastimes!

Where you came from was During this episode of Star Trek: Twenty-five minutes later, in the briefing room, everyone is deep in conversation. Let me assure you, we have a natural immunity to most diseases, and I believe the risk of contraction is negligible.

I was attempting to scan subspace for indications of possible wormholes when I suddenly heard myself saying those words. Argh, a plot puppy has just attacked me, that cute little fella! Although the following experience was stranger still as the penis on her body began to weaken and shrink, returning to a resting state, her own cunt rapidly loosing the sensitivity. Thoroughly exhausted, Captain Kathryn Janeway breathes a sigh of relief that her debriefing by Starfleet Command is over, for now at least.

Mister Paris, how long before we reach the wormhole? After this catharsis, Picard was able to regain his senses and realized his duty to protecting his crew. One of our technicians is standing by with the device. The Alpha Quadrant is an unknown entity, but I'm confident that I will adapt. Captain's log, stardate

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The Admiral's eyes twinkle with delight. No, she isn't ready to share her feelings with Seven. Free nude public pics. The women who think they aren't dull are probably dull, too! Taking a moment, the Captain watches the blonde's chest rise and fall, her own tongue coming out to wet her lips at the sight before her.

Deep Space Nine the Federation is losing a war against the evil Dominion. Do it here" 7 said. Jane way naked. Chakotay used to show a spiritual side, but they even managed to make that part of him dull as dirt and eventually the makers of the show dropped that. She could feel the head of the shit poking from her ring, slipping in and out.

Do you need help? R, character death, AU. She watches in amazement at how rigid and hard the blonde's nipple becomes when her fingers brush against it, and unable to resist, leans down and pulls it into her mouth and circling the hard peak with her tongue.

Warp core breach averted. Janeway leans forward and kisses Seven, softly and gently at first. Sweet puffy tits. Searching the older woman's eyes for a moment, the blonde struggles with what to say…how to say….

Walking through the now lifeless Voyager, she shivers at the stark contrast from the hustle and bustle of activity that has characterized the ship for the last seven years.

Nor the fact that the captain and 7 of 9, a woman he had wanted since she first came aboard, had been actively having lesbian sex. Her arms turn into axes, which she flings around wildly, then attacks him with. So, these are the kind of guys we would be most interested in sexually if we were so inclined, right grrrls? Head over to janeway.

The first thing she washes off is him, apparently. In the newsgroups, he is often referred to as "Wood Boy" and "Chuckles". It's the only way. Seven of Nine is as beautiful as she had imagined. Enraged, Captain Janeway throws up her hands as she shakes her head, her eyes flashing with hurt and anger. Sensing what is about to happen, Seven doesn't hesitate and follows, grabbing the older woman's arm to stop her. The battle between the Vojeans and the Wyngari.

Content is available under Fanlore: Janeway's Tom Yum Page Author: What happens when Admiral Janeway comes from the future determined to get the Captain and Seven of Nine together?

She can't take her eyes off the vision in front of her. Lesbian rough strap on. Seven turns, startling at the interruption. There's so much to say. Cumming A new studio is launching. I think I've heard enough on that subject. Those instances revealed many thought-provoking insights into the captains and their lonely dilemmas, which revealed them as complex characters. This act of mercy surprised the alien who opined that there is something special about humanity since mercy is an advanced trait.

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