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I requested a thread to talk shit about whiteknights Don't know what makes you think I want to fuck them. Sexy anal sex with girl. Nude pictures of holly hunter. Karuna satori nudes. Gorgeous blonde gets the pounding she deserves.

I offer to start with kittyhoney if anyone else is interested. Seems to be 18 and overall tries to act like an baby like Melanie martinez lol. She loves to talk trash about other girls at cons. He tried to show up here and win y'all over and y'all told him to fuck off.

I remember her posting about putting a bed curtain in her baby crib and her dad commented saying needs are not a good idea for babies. I guess Swedes just sound really nasally. What Ember is doing is hilarious imo but Emily will try to insert herself again and that's just…eh. She even got me and my friend to do it by pressuring us when we were 5 years old.

Or actually just shut the fuck up until she does something. Dawn allison milf. I suspect that she is tinkering with her Youtube account in an attempt to entice us into creating a new thread. For months every day there is the same thread with the same photo of her asking "who is this" and it all started when there was some contest on the site she posts her porn at.

The terrible parenting, the drama, the crying. That went way too far, even for an a-log. This was tangentially mentioned in Luna's thread but I can't think of many suggestions for it. At one point, Nichole had a Pinterest board dedicated to segovia. I am wide eyed in fear and left wondering. As well constantly lying and stealing money on a weekly basis kek.

She's suprisingly a good parent. As far as Vordrak goes if he showed up here all he would do is spam links to his blog and shower himself with praise. I removed myself because I just couldn't take her shit anymore. I might make one but I need help getting caps of her spergouts on facebook. Fuck to sleeping girl. He's also apparently in some drama right now but I don't care to watch the 20 minute vlogs he posts every day.

Busty Brandi Love gets nailed by Johnny Sins. Notch is simply like this these days. She also has leaked porn of herself including a video where she masturbates. They are like crabs in a bucket except more fanatical and delusional. He has been banned from Youtube several times but continues to create new accounts. I remember back in the day I'd see people in the comments say "look at this fucking hipster brought me here.

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That clutch is not worth 50 dollars. Milf handjob tumblr. I think it'll be pretty interesting.

She's basically like A worse version of Rachel dolezal if such a thing existed. If any of you watched the snaps from the meetups its pretty obvious that she was in control and the other girls were just going along with it for innocuous reasons.

He recently appeared on Dr. Karuna satori nudes. If she's milkier than Moo, I'm interested no matter the community. Little bit of protein. Doesn't make her own costumes and wont correct people when they comment on her "craftsmanship". I have t heard this before. Haruna Sakurai works her cute perky tits and cock sucking mouth on her coach after class. Beeg tube indian. Nonstop gratifying with wanton women and hunk. More like a nihilistic bitch. Pounding Jennys ass in the pawnshop with a strange.

Josh isn't some big bad final boss of the internet who shouldn't get a thread because he may find it. I can see how that would make some people mad for a period of time.

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Wildchild isnt a farmer, he just hangs out in the discord. If some of the paranoid schizophrenic anons insist we have a very speshul thread that is never on the front page and is hard to follow Raven then fucking fine. She has a baby daughter who doesn't seem to factor into her lifestyle one bit, apart from the occasional exploitive photo opp. She knows exactly what shes doing jumping around in skimpy outfits, playing innocent and flashing her cooch to fetishists.

Karuna Satori porn videos. Stand up comedy naked. Oliver hacked her insta and exposed her for cheating and then she tried to kill herself. Unfortunately, he isn't, and everything about him and his girlfriend's work is completely trite and uninspired.

Milk's been pretty dry for a while now. She's probably just wanting to score hand outs and pot. They were staying in this shared rented house thing.

Now she has a baby with that dude and for every baby pic she posts, she also posts 10 pics of her butt. Would love to hear some details about these 'rigged' contests cause i only see her side of the story https: What do farmhands think? Cute Jayden starts her career with a creamy facial. Momo may look like a haggard bitch, but she still takes off her clothes for neckbeards in her early 20s. This chick changes her user name all the time.

Truly a piece of shit. Looking for loopholes is also a red flag. They then went back through the post history of the poster than started it all on Dynasty.

However, as it would function as a lolcow thread, and as the thread wouldn't be for everyone and it would increase the moderation time of people as people have different political beliefs, then maybe set a few ground rules such as no debating and have a separate containment debate thread deep in the reaches of lolcow farm where the mods don't go, and then have a free for all for those who want to debate.

She also brags about her follower count and is extremely bitchy whenever someone doesn't kiss her flabby ass. Why does she have camgirls up in arms tho? If it leads to the same outcome as last time, we'll close it.

If she wants to be a skeleton let her. Off the top of my head Karuna Satori and Tony Bomboni are some good jumping off points.

I went thru this girl's Instagram briefly and it was a wild fucking ride. India's most famous cosplayer, but makes super lazy mediocre cosplays, has zero professional photo shoots, and spergs out about how her costume competitions are not rigged.

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Her spergs on cgl and the lack of being selfaware are entertaining. French pussy pictures. I thought she was going to wait until she had a million subs. From the sounds of it he's going to show what a liar and psycho she is. He's a facebook famous meme dude who made nihilist jokes and partied with the 4chan crowd that got arrested for child rape and child pornography. Girlfriend wants to have threesome Karuna satori nudes. The Anon is probably a Kiwifarms user since Wildchild got banned from there too. I'm collecting screenshots of posts of interest for a good start.

Like he went Stockingish on her or something? She's banned from Youtube every few months. Some parts really seemed to be theatrics though. In order to terminate a relationship she's bored with, she will usually get messy drunk, break up with whoever she's with in order to cry on the shoulder of the person she wants to be with.

Or actually just shut the fuck up until she does something. I know he is creepy and whiny, but I am not up to date on the details enough to put one together. The guy is such a cunt and manipulative ephebophile and I cannot believe people still openly follow the scene style in what is this.

And swearing at them?

You'll like it: