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Going up to the counter she ordered a monster mass bodybuilding shake.

I hope his wife is into it and pushes him to get bigger and rounder. Back at her apartment Beth laid out on her couch and started chugging beer after beer. Girls licking pussy first time. Feedee weight gain stories. She turned to look and see who could have said that and saw one of her former soccer teammates sitting at a table near where she was. Saw him occasionally over the next two years, and each time he was bigger. For her 25th birthday feast Beth planned to continue the tradition of recording herself devouring her custom made cakes with the icing pig on top.

Sitting back at her booth, shorts unzipped, panties on full display, she shoveled the pies in her face, washing them down with mountain dew, and let out a satisfied belch. Horny and moaning while recalling how much her body has changed and how much of an oversized whale she has become, she notices her belly is pressing into the table in front of her. Last attempt there was only one slice left, and no matter how hard she tried, she could not finish it. She did not really care all that much where the weight went, though; all she cares about was that she was growing, getting bigger, fatter, more gluttonous with every day.

She is starting to walk funny, she realizes, her big fat thighs pushing her legs further and further apart. I would see him shirtless in the locker room, at the pool, etc. Amy robach naked. How far will she go, how big will she end up? Can you believe this fatty used to run that in a quarter of the time? Her arms are like pillows against her sides, and her face is home to a thick double chin. I can see from the drape of his shirt the indentation of his belly button goes deep. She got the jeans and went back down stairs.

The thought worried her, but she shrugged it off and went down for breakfast. When feasting began I shocked everyone with how much food I consumed.

On the morning of her 24th birthday, Beth sat undressed on the edge of her bed recording her latest video diary. She loved chocolate cake more than anything, and would have a slice to top off her fast food binges on most nights.

While driving home Beth stopped and picked up a six-pack of lager for herself, looking forward to trying her first beer. I also snuck in some powdered Enhancium into the bag before I heated up the water and brewed the special blend of weight enhancing tea. This time she had eleven large cakes prepared and delivered to her apartment, each one with printed on the top, her goal for next year. Duds of this wikia, i discovered one episodes PAW Patrol has a scene.

Still hungry, she filled her containers with weight gain formula, and passed out in bed full of fattening milkshake. I noticed maybe a month ago that he had gotten thicker through the middle. Did she just say what he thinks she said? Her body was dripping with fat, growing faster than ever. Banned from equestria princess celestia scene. Running to meet her, Sheila looked more than a little disappointed.

Views Rating Favorite Newest. Beth trailed off and began to unconsciously masturbate. So, she was all like, I have to stop eating and be healthy, blah, blah blah. Her pant had split.

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Her days consisted of nothing but food, weed, alcohol, and playing with her massively obese and fattening body.

Duds wikia, discovered one episodes PAW Patrol has scene. By this time Leo had woken up and made his way into the kitchen. Korean lesbian video. I never focused on what I wanted. Back and forth, and that picture was taken at my lowest point weight wise, and self esteem wise. With all of her preparations in order, Beth approached the pile of cakes sitting on a table. Within five minutes she already ate half, dipping the crusts in the buttery garlic sauce and letting it drip down her chin as she crammed bite after bite into her mouth, quenching her thirst by chugging a 40 oz of lager.

Back at her apartment Beth began mixing together her weight gain shake. Feedee weight gain stories. From what I know of both of them I'm fairly certain neither one was intentional but it was fun to see nonetheless.

She bent down to pick it up. I put half a watermelon next to the bowl and then put a pitcher of iced green tea on the table.

Views Rating Favorite Newest. Amy fay nude. She ordered an extra-large stuffed crust pizza with ranch dressing to dip the crusts in and when it arrived she gathered more pastries and goodies from her pantry, mixed more weight gain shake, then plopped her bulky ass back in bed with a bottle of vodka and began shoveling as much food as she could into her round face.

She had gained like pounds completely unrecognizable. I am working now to maintain a good weight. A lot of fast food. He crams it all in without a second thought.

And check out this fat, dimpled ass of mine! Not a member of Pastebin yet? They were going to get one. Back at her apartment Beth laid out on her couch and started chugging beer after beer. Did she stop when her appetite grew to the point where she was always hungry?

With a wink she turns her camera off and waddles into her kitchen in search of more treats. Your lungs sound weezy. I would still like to be able to train and be able to teach our children Ninjitsu if they wish to. Public nude spanking. Men or women who are sexually attracted fetish to the idea or physical act of growing bigger, fatter, or rounder.

She thought they were going to be big on her, but they were just right. Still slightly curvy, but in all the right places, Jill was now the hotter, athletic one of the two of them by far. I couldn't believe it. This was normal, because Emily was curvy and could be called a little chunky, but these were her newest pair of jeans, and the last time she had worn them they had been too big. Her fatty upper arms dripped over her elbows, and she developed cankles.

Countless rolls dominate her sides and her flabby arms lay gently against them. As the last bit of weight gain shake pours down her gullet a groan escapes Beth as she rolls over on her stomach, her enormous ass wobbling in the air, and she struggles to pull her stuffed and bloated body toward the rest of her birthday cake.

Stripping and falling into bed, Beth fell into her first of many food comas. Her titanic ass bounced hypnotically. Her thighs touch all the way to her knees now, forcing her to waddle considerably.

It was a Snickers bar! The second picture is still me today. Every bit of her is covered in stretch marks now, both new and old, and she wears them as badges of honor in testament to her gluttony and hedonism.

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If one or both of us failed to meet this criteria, the punishment would be 7, calories a day for two weeks. Removing the lid and straw from one of her chocolate shakes, Beth leaned her head back and poured it straight down her gullet, letting out a loud, un-lady-like burp as she set her cup down.

Dizzy and uncoordinated, Beth put away her two remaining beers and stumbled into her bedroom where she switched on her camera. Would she ever be satisfied? Then he picked up the pitcher of tea and chugged it down which made his belly swell even faster.

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Reaching beneath her flabby belly to play with herself, she notices how her belly is starting to get in the way of her masturbating. She was so overwhelmed with all kinds of new sensations, getting high, feeling a sugar rush from all the carbs she consumed, how heavy the food felt settling in her stuffed gut. He looks a bit flustered as he pulls his shirt back down by the hem and holds it there with one hand to prevent it from rolling back up.

Her days consist of nothing but smoking weed, binge eating, drinking, napping, watching TV, and playing video games. Hand massage videos. But the night I took the second picture, I was not very happy at all. Plowing through her pastries and cookies, consuming everything in sight, Beth moaned, twisting and writhing in absolute bliss. He just opened another soda, so we may have to do just that. Thug boys tumblr When they got to the store, Emily's mom told her she was going to wait in the car.

There are some stretch marks. Learn identify cause sudden How Fattening Festival. Feedee weight gain stories. Her shirt tore off first, tearing up to the sleeve and then falling off to the side.

But doing it the healthy way. Big tits changing bras. Story Story Writer Forum Community.

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